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The Ottawa Community Land Trust (OCLT) is a non-profit, social enterprise pursuing innovative ways of preserving housing affordability in the national capital region. The OCLT acquires existing rental properties and turns them into non-profit affordable housing, and secures vacant land to develop various types of affordable housing in the future. Partnerships are critical; the OCLT works with local groups—from housing providers to developers—that are committed to keeping housing affordable in this area. Forever.

Who can become a member?

The OCLT seeks a broad membership base that includes both individuals and organizations who support the Trust’s purpose. Specifically, this includes:

  • any individual who resides in the Ottawa-Gatineau area who supports the purpose of the OCLT, including residents and neighbours of OCLT properties, and any community members.
  • any organization or business in the Ottawa-Gatineau area who supports the purpose of the OCLT, including non-profit and co-operative housing providers, community and non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Why become a member?

  • By joining our membership, you demonstrate your commitment – and our collective commitment – to preserving affordable housing for our neighbours. Together, we can create a city where everyone has an affordable home to live.
  • Individual members are able to participate in committees and in important decisions related to the Trust. They can be elected to the Board of Directors, attend committee meetings and vote when serving as members of a committee.
  • Organizational members can designate a representative for the purposes of voting, participating in committees and representing the member organization.
  • Each member – individual and organization – is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of members.
  • As a member, we’ll share OCLT updates with you via email, and make relevant connections to projects and news we receive affecting your neighbourhood or region.

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